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History of mathematics course


 El curso pretende introducir a los estudiantes en algunos aspectos de la historia de las matemáticas y recorrer las biografías y aportaciones de ciertos personajes que contribuyeron de forma esencial al avance de las matemáticas





Day: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Time: 18.00
Place: Seminar of mathematics and statistics. Faculty of Sciences phase II. Ground floor.

Lecture of Professor Wenceslao J. González (University of A Coruña)

Rethink the limits of Science:

Difficulties with respect to the borders to the concern about the confines

New scientific advances, where scientific creativity often connected with technological innovation, and the contributions of recent decades are two reasons to rethink the limits of science. In these coordinates, the Conference will consider several steps:

1) the recognition of three main levels of analysis of the science and the diversity of filosofico-metodologicos approaches to study the issue of the limits of science. (2) the borders and boundaries as the double domain which is usually in contention in this debate. This duality has Kantian roots and includes a central issue: the "positive" criteria (what science is, or should be) and "negative" criteria (which is not science or cannot be in the future). (3) the discussion of borders or "barriers", requiring you to clarify the need for criteria for borders or "barriers" and, later, proposes the criteria under the science components. (4) interest prevalent in the confines or "ceiling", where the boundaries of science are related to the infeasibility of perfect science and limits due to the complexity. (5) the relevance of the novelty is taken as a key factor to rethink the limits of science.

For those who are interested, there will be an interventionism with Professor Wenceslao González, on November 19 at 20: 00 in the restaurant "La Nyora", for a price of 10 euros. Those interested in attending the dinner discussion should be reserved in the Department of Mathematics before Monday, Nov. 16.

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Dates of the course

The course will begin on September 17 and ends on 6 October.

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